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null The Pangasius Festival will be held for the first time in Hong Ngu City (the Pangasius Capital)

The Pangasius Festival will be held for the first time in Hong Ngu City (the Pangasius Capital)

16:17 30/11/2022
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With the theme "The Pangasius Festival - Reaching out to the ocean", the first Pangasius Festival in Hong Ngu  city (the pangasius capital), Dong Thap province in 2022 is expected to take place in 2 days (from December 16th 2022 to December 17th 2022) at Vo Nguyen Giap Square, Hong Ngu city.

This event is organized to encourage, and recognize the positive contribution of the pangasius industry to the economy of the locality and the Mekong Delta region; to introduce and honor the image and products of Pangasius as a local traditional industry; and to affirm the value, origin, and brand of Vietnamese pangasius in general and Dong Thap in particular.

This will also be periodic event held in the locality to introduce and promote the Vietnamese pangasius brand to domestic and foreign tourists.

Besides the opening and closing ceremonies, the festival will have the following main activities: Conference on review of fisheries industry 2022; Conference on the chain of farming, processing, consuming, and signing cooperation; Seminars of the agricultural extension industry; Famtrip, Presstrip and Businesstrip tours to visit farming, production and processing pangasius; Organization of Pangasius Banquet; Masquerade - Parade; release "Ngu Dang", releasing fishes into the wild on Hong Ngu - Vinh Hung river.

Along with that, the event will also have an exhibition displaying pangasius products; space to display, exhibit, and develop OCOP products, potential products of the province; cultural space displaying works on pangasius; a fairy tale space about pangasius; an artistic space "Song of the Fish"; childhood space; space for culinary performances of European and Vietnamese dishes, and space for processing and serving dishes from pangasius, a specialty of the province.

Translated by Gia Vi

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