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null Dong Thap: From The “Business Coffee” to “Start-up Coffee”

Dong Thap: From The “Business Coffee” to “Start-up Coffee”

08:56 11/08/2021
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“Identifying businesses and entrepreneurs as a lever to promote the local economy develop and improve people's lives, Dong Thap province is always looking for new methods to attract and create favorable conditions for businesses and entrepreneurs to come  and work with a spirit of “long-term relationship” - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Dong Thap Provincial People's Committee – Mr. Pham Thien Nghia shared about deloying Resolution of the XIII Congress of the Party into the local situation.

At a seafood processing enterprise in Dong Thap. Photo: TTXVN

Aware that the province is "hidden" by the limitation of geographical position and natural resources, leaders of Dong Thap province always try their best to find a new direction for the sustainable development process of Lotus Land. In addition to actively accessing many financial sources to connect traffic and break the monopoly position in trade, Dong Thap pays special attention to investing in dynamic human resources and creation. Dong Thap consistently considers Businesses as a main key for the local economy - emphasized Mr. Pham Thien Nghia - we chose the model of “Business Coffee" as a breakthrough. According to Mr. Pham Thien Nghia, as businesses have a need for “a coffee meeting", they could send information in advance to the office division to handle, then schedule the arrangement following the process. Each enterprise is able to freely, fully and honestly present different cases helping local leaders and departments understand the root of the problem.

This is the foundation for Dong Thap to carry out a revolution in awareness and action in the journey with enterprises. Specifically, provincial leaders always make efforts of changing from the mindset of "ask-give" to the mindset of "accompanying enterprises"; changing from the mindset of "thinking for businesses" to "thinking like businesses" and more specifically, the change from the mindset of "managing and operating businesses" to the mindset of "creating the best environment for businesses to operate”. These changes aims to create an environment for enterprises to feel secure to invest expand production and business in the area... This is the reason, after visiting the province, Mr. Riel Razo Griengo - Director of Pilmico VHF Joint Stock Company (Philippines) commented that such simple coffee meetings have opened up great effects as a better understanding between the government and businesses.  Since then, problems and obstacle are quickly resolved...

Facing with requirements of the integration trend that is taking place at a rapid pace, Dong Thap has thoroughly implemented the spirit of Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress to renew mindset of accompanying businesses and enterprises. “From the business coffee model at the head office to receiving, sharing information, we has recently expanded Coffee Meetings in industrial zones and clusters,... as an earliest way to actively receive customers, businesses and investors’ thoughts. “Especially, the province tries to create a connection network for start-up projects to have more opportunities to set up and develop" - Mr. Pham Thien Nghia shared. According to Mr. Pham Thien Nghia, this is not only a channel to support businesses and enterprises but also an opportunity for leaders to promptly supplement and complete operation policies…

Despite starting from simple things, seemingly small changes with very low costs, Dong Thap has created many significant results not only for Lotus Land.

Lục Tùng – Báo Lao Động

Translated by Gia Vi

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