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null Effectiveness of The So-Called "Business Coffee" Model in Dong Thap

Effectiveness of The So-Called "Business Coffee" Model in Dong Thap

09:16 11/08/2021
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Being debuted 5 years ago, the so-called "business coffee" model in Dong Thap province has been highly appreciated by the business community. From the beginning of 2020, provincial leaders and related departments more directly meet businesses and start-up projects at "business coffee" place to better grasp the situation on production and business activities. In some places, this model is held in industrial zones (IZs) or the district People's Committee’ headquarters.

Dong Thap’s leaders having coffee with businesses at Sa Dec Industrial Zone

At business coffee event, provincial leaders directly listened to businesses present their concerns, difficulties and obstacles to development. Most of the recommendations are related to land rental, environment requirements, product consumption connection, local-skilled labor resources; policies to support loans, tax exemptions and reductions and etc. During the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to this model, provincial leaders also approached difficulties of enterprises, listened to them speak, discussed methods, overcome and adapt. At this time, the role of connecting and motivating is the driving force for businesses to turn difficulties into opportunities. After a year of implementing the “business coffee” model in industrial zones and clusters, one of the important results achieved is that entrepreneurs have changed their thinking to overcome difficulties in production and business, connection, association, cooperation and to support each other, focusing on developing the domestic market in association with improving quality and diversifying products. The business coffee model in Dong Thap has helped businesses and the State closer to each other, able to exchange freely, not just confined to the workplace, the feeling of being cared.

Deputy General Director of Hidico, Director of Sa Dec Industrial Zone Infrastructure Enterprise – Mr. Huynh Cong Thao said the business coffee model of Dong Thap province has been replicated to other areas, which has seen effective promotion, gathering more businesses. During the coffee event, what can be answered and resolved immediately, provincial leaders answer at the meeting. That was such determination and consensus of enterprises so that the Provincial People's Committee has opened many connection channels such as trade centers, supermarkets, expanding ecommerce channels, organizing fairs, week for Dong Thap specialties, etc… Despite many difficulties, the business community is still optimistic and believes in the possibility of economic recovery in the near future. “Through the results achieved, I think the business coffee model will be more effective than directing on forums or meetings. You have to be honest with your businesses; you can share it with your heart. That way of doing things also creates motivation, cohesion, creates trust, inspires businesses to be confident and overcome difficulties" said Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Mr. Pham Thien Nghia.

For more than a month, businesses in Dong Thap continue to face unprecedented difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. With a spirit of “Do not leave businesses alone”, provincial leaders as well as party committees and local authorities always accompany with many activities to help businesses rise up. Chairman of Dong Thap Provincial People's Committee, Mr. Pham Thien Nghia emphasized that the province has been working with businesses and investors to save every opportunity, because it is also an opportunity for the government and people of Dong Thap. Through meetings, provincial leaders really listen to investors and businesses’ opinion, rather than formal meetings. Dong Thap always determines that the success of enterprises is the success of the province. The business coffee model is a place to create intimacy and closeness, helping businesses to spend less time or not be afraid to go to the office, to have a place to express their opinions and also connect businesses with each other; help provincial leaders increase their initiative, "leave the chair" and separate from the "four walls", go to businesses’ place and solve cases faster and more effectively.

From this model, hundreds of businesses have come to meet provincial leaders to give suggestions and plans to support the provincial development. Many cases mentioned above were resolved quickly. The business community has created many good ways for the province to receive information to promptly support and overcome difficulties in the process of operation, as well as provide future business orientations of enterprises; simplify administrative procedures, reduce costs, support market and resources access, etc., ensure the most favorable business environment for investors.

Hữu Nghĩa – Báo Nhân Dân

Translated by Gia Vi

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