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null Deploying the model of “Administration service space”

Deploying the model of “Administration service space”

16:07 01/02/2023
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This model was deployed at the Center for Administrative Procedures Control and Public Administration Service of the province (Add: No.85, Nguyen Hue St., Cao Lanh city), starting from the morning, January 30, 2023 to continue to implement the policy of building a friendly authority who accompany with with people and businesses.

Center leaders are meeting and talking with people

The space there is designed in a friendly direction, close to people and businesses; There is arrangement of drinking water, network, tablet computers, desktop computers and staffs to guide and support to serve people and businesses to use when needed.

In addition, the Director of the provincial Center for Administrative Procedures Control and Public Administration Service directly meet and discuss with people and businesses in the receiving and returning areas to listen, exchange, note and handle arising issues periodically on Monday and Friday mornings or other working days when scheduled in advance. In addition, civil servants, officials and employees of the Center will directly contact, listen, exchange and accompany, support to handle specific cases of people and businesses.

At the same time, deploying the "customer care" service through the Public Service Information Center 1022 in Dong Thap province (on average, the telephone operator will randomly call from 10 to 30 customers every day). Telephone operators actively contact individuals and organizations that have used public administrative services at the Center to create a good relationship, and simultaneously, listen to comments, answer questions and receive suggestions and synthesize, submit to the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee solutions to continue to improve service quality.

The model will be preliminarily evaluated in January 2024.

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Translated by Giang Nguyen

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