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null Procedures for visa application of foreigners in Viet Nam

Procedures for visa application of foreigners in Viet Nam

22:24 02/07/2021
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Order and procedures:

Step 1: Preparing a set of dossier as regulated. 

Step 2: Submitting the visa application: 

1. Vietnamese agencies and organizations, Vietnamese nationals and foreigners lawfully residing in Vietnam shall submit visa application at 03 following offices of the Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security: 

a) 44 - 46 Trần Phú Str., Ba Đình District, Hà Nội. 

b) 335-337 Nguyễn Trãi Str., District 1, Hồ Chí Minh City. 

c) 07 Trần Quý Cáp Str., Đà Nẵng City

2. The officer, who receives visa application, shall checks the eligibility and declared information of the dossier: 

+ If the visa application form is appropriately completed, the officer shall receive the dossier and give a receipt which notifies the date of receiving results. 

+ If the visa application is not valid, the officer shall request the applicant to supplement the dossier. 

* Working time: from Monday to Saturday morning (except for New Year's days, public holidays and Sundays).

Step 3: Receipt of the result

a) The person who comes to receives the results need to present a receipt, an ID card or a passport to the officer on duty to check the information, if the result is available, the recipient shall be requested to pay the fees and sign the receipt. 

b) Working time: from Monday to Friday (excluding Lunar New Year holiday, public holidays and Sunday).

- Application submission: submitting dossiers in person at the Headquarters of Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security. 

- Composition, number of dossiers:

+ A dossier comprises a application form for visa issuance, stay extension for temporary residence foreigners in Vietnam (form NA5). 

+ Number of dossiers: 01 (one) set. 

Processing time: Within 05 working days from the date of receiving completed application. 

Subjects of procedures: Agencies, organizations and foreigners lawfully residing in Vietnam. 

Competent Authorities: Immigration Department 

Results of procedures: visas granted to foreigners, Vietnamese citizens holding foreign passports.  


 + Issuance of single-entry visa: $45

 + Issuance of multiple-entry visa: $65 for a visa less than 01 month, $95 for a visa less than 06 month, $135 for a visa more than 06 month.

 + Transferring the validity of visas, temporary residence cards from an expired passport to a new passport: $15.

- Name of application form: Declaration Form for visa, stay extension for temporary residence foreigners in Vietnam (form NA5).  

Eligible Requirements:

 1. Agencies and organizations shall submit application form for visa, supplement, amendment, or extension of temporary residence for foreigners or Vietnamese nationals holding foreign passports with papers proving their legal status at the Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security in accordance with Law No. 47/2014 / QH13, dated June 16th 2014. 

2. Foreigners, Vietnamese holding foreign passports who have valid passports, visas (except for the case of visa exemption), temporary residence certificates issued by competent Vietnamese authorities, are currently residing in Vietnam and do not fall into the case of “entry suspension” or “suspension from exit". 

3. Vietnamese nationals who request for visa, supplement, amendment or stay extension for foreigners, Vietnamese holding foreign passports must be parents, spouses or children of the foreigners or Vietnamese holding foreign passports (papers proving relationship are required).  

(Translated by Gia Vi)

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