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Tràm Chim National park

Tràm Chim National park

23:10 03/07/2021
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Address: Ward 4, Tràm Chim town, Tam Nông district, Đồng Tháp province

Tel: 0277. 3 829 379

Email: bbtvqgtc@dongthap.gov.vn

Website: www.vqgtc.dongthap.gov.vn

Tràm Chim National Park (TCNP) is a public non-business unit of the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC); under the state management of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; under the management on professional qualification and skills of provincial-level units and other competent agencies under the laws.

TCNP is public non-business unit having revenue, its legal personal status, its own seal and account.

TCNP has the function of advising and assisting the PPC in organizing and implementing the task of management and reservation wetland ecosystem which is a typical ecosystem on Mekong Delta Region. This aims to become a national standard of wetland ecosystem in Plain of Reeds (flood region). Conserving of gene resources; preserving the prioritized species on the list of endangered, precious and rare species;  preserving unique values of culture, national and revolutionary relics; reasonably studying and exploiting the wetland ecosystem of the region for the national interest and contributing to the overall environmental and ecological protection of Southeast Asia; promoting the values of wetland ecosystem in environmental protection, natural landscape protection to meet the needs of scientific research and environmental education and being allowed to rent environmental services according to regulations. TCNP coordinate with other agencies to manage, inspect and supervise tourism activities, combining programs of scientific research and biodiversity conservation at Tràm Chim National Park.

Tasks and powers of Tràm Chim National Park:

- To submit to the PPC planning, development plans, programs, projects on cooperation, investment, conservation and exploitation policies for sustainable development of Tràm Chim National Park to become a natural landscape area of the Plain of Reeds (Đồng Tháp Mười), aiming at preserving biodiversity, the needs of scientific research, ecological tourism, entertainment and environmental education of community in Vietnam and abroad.

- To develop and implement plans to protect and regenerate natural landscapes; to provide suitable residential areas for rare and precious bird species and to create favorable conditions for other wild animal and plant species to grow sustainably.

- To manage water regulation to adapt to the biodiversity conservation needs and criteria of the Ramsar Convention; to research on experimenting with controlled burning of grass; to restore and develop a number of typical fauna and flora species of Tràm Chim National Park and Plain of Reeds (Đồng Tháp Mười) and plant native scattered trees; to create an environmental landscape; forest resource management; to deploy research and monitoring programs on biodiversity, etc…

- To add indigenous aquatic species to the core zone of the TCNP to increase the number of typical fisheries of Plain of Reeds and TCNP, creating favorable conditions to increase food supply, attracting waterbirds and some species of terrestrial animals using fish as food, as a habitat in the core zone of the Park.

- To create suitable habitat for freshwater fish species in Tràm Chim National Park to preserve broodstock and small fish to supplement the natural resources and increase the number of fish populations.

- To regulate the hydrological regime to improve water quality in Tràm Chim National Park to suit the living conditions of plants and animals; to maintain and reproduce the characteristics of geomorphology, hydrology and natural landscapes in accordance with the basic characteristics of Plain of Reeds as a basis for preserving and regenerating plant and animal gene sources. .

- To create a "Submerged Zone" as a permanent wetland area for waterbirds to live and prevent and fight forest fires, etc…


Mr. Nguyễn Văn Lâm


Tel: 0919537537

Email: nguyenlam1729@gmail.com


Mr. Lê Thành Cư

Vice Director

Tel: 0918542048

Email: thanhcutc@gmail.com

(Translated by Gia Vi)

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