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Cao Lãnh city

Cao Lãnh city

23:45 03/07/2021
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Address of the People’s Committee: 30/4 street, Ward 1, Cao Lãnh city,
Đồng Tháp province

Tel: 0277.3851601

Email: ubtpcl@vnn.vn

Website: tpcaolanh.dongthap.gov.vn

Cao Lãnh city is a central city of Đồng Tháp province, 154 km away from Hồ Chí Minh city, 80 km away from Cần Thơ city; bordering Cao Lãnh district to the North and the East, Lấp Vò district to the South, Chợ Mới district of An Giang province to the West. Cao Lãnh city covers an area of 107 km2 and has a population of 160,110 people.

Cao Lãnh city (Cao Lãnh town as its former name) is recognized as a city of Đồng Tháp on January 16th 2007 by the government, having 15 administrative units, including 08 wards and 7 communes.

Economic structure: proportion of commercial - services account for 60.49%; industry – construction: 27.98% and agriculture: 11.53%.

Industry: Trần Quốc Toản Industrial Zone plays an important role in promoting the economic restructure in the process of industrialization and modernization of the city and the province. The city’s advantages on goods consist of rice processing, seafood export, pharmaceuticals, building materials, wood processing and etc.

Transportation: technical infrastructure is not improved in comparison with other cities in the region. The city has been gradually upgrading inter-commune and inter-district roads which have been concrete and asphalt. Besides, the city has many rivers and large canals flowing through with more than 1,462km long. Cao Lãnh port is one of the major river ports of Mekong Delta, located on the international waterway to Cambodia, facilitating among production, transportation and consumption of goods with other provinces, the region, Hồ Chí Minh city and internationally.

Tourism: cultural and historical tourism are one of the strengths of the city. Come to Cao Lãnh city, people will visit Nguyễn Sinh Sắc’s Tomb as a Relic Site which is one of the key attractions of the city beside other cultural, historical and ecological tourism of the province such as Gò Tháp, Tràm Chim National Park, Xẻo Quýt Relic Site, Gáo Giồng Cajuput forest,… In addition, the city also has Tiền Hiền Nguyễn Tú Tomb – historical site, Hòa An – revolutionary, the establishment of the first Party branch of the province, the museum, Đỗ Công Tường Temple, Văn Miếu park and other ecological tourist sites.

Agriculture: to implement the policy of restructuring the economy in agriculture, the City is focusing on developing urban agriculture, arranging suitable production in each area and locality such as: rice seed production, orchards; showing its safety in development of tourism services and aquaculture areas along Tiền River, etc…

Cao Lãnh city will be a civilized, dynamic and ecologically sustainable city, harmonizing modern architecture with ethnic and environmental landscapes; also a socio-economic development area in the Northern Tiền River. To achieve that, the city will focus all resources to develop strong technical infrastructure, promoting the development of commercial and services, creating a breakthrough in economic development.


Mr. Võ Phan Thành Minh

Position: Chairman

Tel: 0903040449

Email: vothanhminhcl@gmail.com

Ms. Lê Thị Mai Trinh

Position: Vice chairwoman

Tel: 0789548281

Email: maitrinhchuong97@gmail.com

Mr. Lê Quang Trạng

Position: Vice chairman

Tel: 0918331942

Email: lequangtrang68@gmail.com

Mr. Nguyễn Phước Cường

Position: Vice chairman

Tel: 0938229340

Email: pcuongvpubdt@gmail.com


(Translated by Gia Vi)

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