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Department of information and communication

Department of information and communication

11:08 19/08/2021
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Adress: 12, Trần Phú Street, Ward 1, Cao Lãnh City, Đồng Tháp province

Tel: 0277.3873999

Fax: 0277.3873999

Email: stttt@dongthap.gov.vn

Web: http://ict-dongthap.gov.vn

The Department of Information and Communication is a provincal agency under the Provincial People’s Committee, performing funtions of consulting and assisting for the Provincial People’s Committee on state management of the press; publication; postage; telecommunications;radio frequencies; information technology; electronics; radio and television broadcasting; news agencies; external information; information provision for grassroots and communication infrastructures; advertisements on press, internet environment, publications and advertisements integrated on products and services of postage, telecommunication and information techonology (short call as information and communication).

The Department of Information and Communication has its own legal status, seal and a seperate account; which are under the supervision and management of organization, personel and tasks of the Provincial People’s Committee; as well as under the inspection, direction and guidance on its qualification and proffesional operations of the Ministry of Information and Communication.


Ms. Nguyễn Lâm Thanh Thuỷ

Position: Deputy Director

Tel: 0919 466 866

Email: nltthuy@dongthap.gov.vn

Mr. Nguyễn Tấn Hoàng

Position: Deputy Director

Tel: 0913 794 800

Email: nthoang@dongthap.gov.vn


(Translated by Gia Vi)

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Official spokesperson of Dong Thap Provincial People's Committee

Tel: (+84)277.3853949 | Fax: (+84)277.3851615

Email: banbientap@dongthap.gov.vn

Address: No. 12, Road 30 / 4, Ward 1, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap