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Dong Thap Medical College

Dong Thap Medical College

23:14 03/07/2021
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Address: 312, Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Ward 4, Cao Lanh city, Dong Thap province

Tel: 0277.3854.133 - 0277.3853.750 Fax: 0277.3859.112

Email: cya@cdytdt.edu.vn

Website: http://cdytdt.edu.vn

Dong Thap Medical College one of the most prestigious vocational education institution in Dong Thap and Mekong Delta Region. With the 40 year period of establishment and development, Dong Thap Medical College made continuous effort to improve the quality of living and health of population in Dong Thap and nearby regions through human resources training and education as well as scientific research in health care sector.

Dong Thap Medical College endeavors to become the health care focused college with multi-level and diversified modes of education. The college respects and creates the best learning conditions for the competent students to flourish, commit to assigned tasks and meet the health care demand.

The leaders are dynamic, change-making and innovative to form the collective solidarity and to share the responsibility in sustainable development of the college as well as education of high quality health workers. 

The lecturers, staff and students are proud of the identity of the college and aware of their responsibility in inheriting and promote its good tradition. 

The lecturers deeply understand the prestige and endeavor to fulfill the expected tasks of educators and health care professionals which are highly respected by the society. 

The college staff proudly makes important contribution to education and training of ethical and competent health care professionals. 

The students are pleased to study and practice in Dong Thap Medical College, gain strong motivation to achieve the highest education performance and possess a high capability to flourish sustainably in long term.


Mr. Nguyễn Công Cừu

Title: Rector

Tel: 0919 108 159

Email: nccuu@cdytdt.edu.vn

Mr. Nguyễn Tấn Hưng

Title: Vice Rector

Tel: 0918 088 650

Email: nthung@cdytdt.edu.vn

Mr. Nguyễn Quang Vinh

Title: Vice Rector

Tel: 0906 792 906

Email: nqvinh@cdytdt.edu.vn

Ms. Nguyễn Thị Kim Ngọc

Title: Vice Rector

Tel: 0907 297 036

Email: ntkngoc@cdytdt.edu.vn

(Translated by Nguyễn)

Hiển thị Tới trang của 135 < >

Xuất bản thông tin

Official spokesperson of Dong Thap Provincial People's Committee

Tel: (+84)277.3853949 | Fax: (+84)277.3851615

Email: banbientap@dongthap.gov.vn

Address: No. 12, Road 30 / 4, Ward 1, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap