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Lấp Vò District

Lấp Vò District

23:35 03/07/2021
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Address of the People’s Committee: National Route No.80, Lấp Vò Town, Lấp Vò District,

Đồng Tháp Province

Tel: 0277.3845110

Fax: 0277.3846248

Email: lapvo@dongthap.gov.vn

Website: www.lapvo.dongthap.gov.vn

Lấp Vò is a district located in the southern part of Đồng Tháp province. It borders Sa Đéc city and Lai Vung District to the East; Long Xuyên city and Chợ Mới district, An Giang province to the West;  Thốt Nốt district, Cần Thơ city to the South and borders Cao Lãnh city to the North. The natural area is 244 km², and the population is 178,989 people.

Lấp Vò is favorable in aquaculture. Its location is favorable for waterway transportation as well as road. Beside Tiền and Hậu River lying contiguously to the two sides of Lấp Vò, there is Xáng Lấp Vò tunnel in the middle of the district, the important waterways, running along the length of the district. The district has National Route No.80 and National Route No.54 passing through, 04 provincial roads crossing, linking with other provinces and districts.

Lấp Vò is about 180 km away from Hồ Chí Minh city and about 200 km by waterway. Its electricity and water supply infrastructure, communication are quite completed to serve the development and investment.

In terms of administrative units, there are 12 communes and 1 town in Lấp Vò district.


Ms. Nguyễn Thị Nhanh

Position: Chairwoman

Tel: 0945 949 054

Email: nguyenthinhanhhdnd@gmail.com

Ms. Trương Thi Diệp

Position: Vice Chairwoman

Tel: 0918 062 457

Email: ttdieplapvo@gmail.com

Mr. Trần Hoàng Nam

Position: Vice Chairman

Tel: 0913 839 809

Email: thnam.hlvo@dongthap.gov.vn

(Translated by Trúc Giang)

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Xuất bản thông tin

Official spokesperson of Dong Thap Provincial People's Committee

Tel: (+84)277.3853949 | Fax: (+84)277.3851615

Email: banbientap@dongthap.gov.vn

Address: No. 12, Road 30 / 4, Ward 1, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap


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