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The people’s council of Đồng Tháp province

The people’s council of Đồng Tháp province

22:45 02/07/2021
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Adress: 06 Đặng Văn Bình street, ward 1, Cao Lãnh city, Đồng Tháp province

Tel: 0277. 3851435

Fax: 0277. 3851435

Email: bbthdnd@dongthap.gov.vn

Web: hdnd.dongthap.gov.vn

The People’s Council is joined by delegates of the People’s Council elected by the local electorate, act as the local organ of state power, represent the will, aspirations and mastery of the people as well as take responsibility to the local people and superior-level state organs.

Delegates of the People’s Council shall represent wills and desires of the local people, and take responsibility to local voters and the People’s Council for exercising powers and performing duties of a delegate.

Delegates of the People’s Council shall be all equal to discuss and decide issues that fall within the duties and powers of the People’s Council.

The standing People’s Council is the standing committee of the People's Council exercising powers and performing duties in accordance with provisions laid down by law and other relevant legal regulations; bearing responsibility and reporting their task performance to the People's Council.

Members of the standing People's Council are not simultaneously members of the People's Committee at the same level.

The committee of the People’s Council is the division of the People's Committee and is tasked with verifying the draft resolution, report or plan before submitting it to the People's Council, and supervising and suggesting issues that fall within the remit of the Committee; bear responsibility and report its task performance to the People’s Council.



Mr. Phan Văn Thắng

Position: Permanent Deputy Secretary/Chairman of the Provincial People's Council

Tel: 0913938386

Email: pvthang1967@yahoo.com.vn


Mr. Kiều Thế Lâm

Position: Vice Chairman of the People’s Council

Tel: 0914307018

Email: kieuthelam@yahoo.com

Ms. Nguyễn Thị Kim Tuyến

Position: Vice Chairwoman of the People’s Council

Tel: 0918867887

Email: kimtuyentddt@yahoo.com.vn


(Translated by Gia Vi)

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Official spokesperson of Dong Thap Provincial People's Committee

Tel: (+84)277.3853949 | Fax: (+84)277.3851615

Email: banbientap@dongthap.gov.vn

Address: No. 12, Road 30 / 4, Ward 1, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap


Nút: dongthap.gov.vn:8080